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Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is simple. Really.

The importance of designing for simplicity cannot be underestimated. Simplicity allows users to accomplish their task quickly, thus creating a positive experience. There are many elements to creating a successful, simply designed and very usable website, including the following:


Knowing basic user behavior is essential when designing a website and knowing the user behavior specific to your industry is even better. Who are your users? Why did the users come to your website? What are the users' wants, needs and goals? Answering these questions allows us to design a website that enables the users to accomplish their task quickly.


Consistency is another important element in creating a simple and successful design. By crafting a consistent customer experience throughout your organization, including your website and offline marketing presence, you enable users to instantly grasp the finest details of the conceptual model. In other words, they do not have to learn a new design each time they explore your site. Color palette, page layout, navigation, font choice and buttons are just a few elements we consider when designing a consistent look and feel.


A common web design error still prevalent today is poor readability. It still amazes me to see websites, where designers choose to use dark backgrounds with light gray text or white backgrounds with light gray text. High contrast between text and background is the best way to ensure that something is readable.


Anticipation, consistency and readability are all critical, but constructing a visually elegant design is just as important to increase the sense of simplicity. Aesthetics are harder to measure but people generally feel better about a website and more comfortable with the interaction if the website is visually attractive. We strive to create extremely usable, yet distinctively attractive websites.

Simplicity = Good Design

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